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Ready to overcome that challenge? Rise to the occasion? Make your mark? Whether you’re on your own, leading the team, or changing the company, BoldEcho has the program for you.

In-Person Workshops

Our in-person workshops are participative, collaborative, and tailored to your needs. Get the skills and knowledge you or your team need to be successful in reaching your communication goals.

Presentation Skills Workshop

How to Present in a Confident, Compelling and Connected Way

Most people forget half of what you say within one hour of hearing your presentation. When your message resonates with your audience in a well-organized way and is delivered effectively, it is far more likely to be remembered and acted upon.

This highly interactive full-day workshop includes multiple hands-on activities and digital recordings to get you “audience ready.” Learn more.

Slides that Rock

How to Design and Integrate Slides for Maximum Impact

Nothing kills a presentation more than poorly designed slides. Many presenters spend time and effort on developing their presentation only to have it fall flat because of ineffective slides. However, learning how to create effective slides and integrate them appropriately will help your audience better understand and remember your message long after they leave the room.

This half-day slide workshop is interactive, enabling participants to get real-time experience creating and critiquing slides. There are multiple opportunities for feedback. Learn more.

Commanding the Room During Q&A

How to Effectively Answer Questions with Poise and Confidence

When you’re put on the spot, nothing beats advanced preparation. Our Q&A workshop is essential whether you’re giving a sales presentation, speaking to senior leaders, running a meeting, visiting with a client, or sitting on a panel. Knowing how to handle a Q&A session prepares you to calmly stay on message and help your audience gain insights and clarity.

In this interactive, half-day workshop, you will learn the process for managing Q&A sessions by practicing what to do before, during, and after questions come your way.
Learn more.

Virtual Workshops

We understand. It’s not always easy to get everyone together in person. That’s why we offer a virtual program comprised of five 90-minute webinars to reach various professionals throughout your organization. We designed these webinars to ensure engaged participation to optimize learning.

90-minute webinar series

90-minute presentation skills webinar series

What’s Your Story (Part 1), What’s Your Story (Part 2), Slides that Rock, Commanding the Room During Q&A, and Maximizing Non-Verbal Presence

Leveraging our most critical content from our in-person workshops, we offer these webinars that cover the skills essential for effective presenting. Learn more.

Conference Readiness

Organizations can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars ensuring their teams attend the right user conferences, industry expos, and trade shows. We make sure your attendees get the value they deserve by ensuring you and your speakers are at their best for the big event.

We work with each client to tailor a program that best meets your needs. We focus on keynotes, session presentations, panels, fireside chats as well as your outside guest speakers. Learn more.

Private Coaching

You are unique! Not everyone’s needs are the same.  Whether you are an individual contributor, mid-level leader, or executive, we offer private one-to-one coaching tailored to you. Our coaching can focus on general presentation skill development, event-specific coaching (e.g, keynotes, board presentations, investor pitches, all hands meetings, etc), and/or anxiety management strategies.  Learn more.