90-minute presentation skills webinar series

What’s Your Story (Part 1 & Part 2), Slides that Rock, Commanding the Room During Q&A, and Maximizing Non-Verbal Presence

Below, please find description of our series of five presentation skills webinars We encourage participants to complete each of the five webinars in a timely manner and suggest offering the sessions weekly or bi-weekly.

1. What’s Your Story (Part 1): Creating an Audience-Centric Presentation
  • Understand the 3 C’s of communication
  • Analyze the audience/context
  • Create a clear speaking goal
  • Structure the presentation
2. What’s Your Story (Part 2): Creating an Audience-Centric Presentation
  • Support ideas in a clear and compelling way
  • Utilize audience connecting techniques
  • Transition smoothly and logically
  • Start and end well
3. Slides That Rock: How to Design and Integrate Slides for Maximum Impact
  • Understand why, and identify when, to use slides
  • Critique slides based on basic design principles
  • Apply concepts directly to the types of slides participants create
4. Commanding the Room During Q & A
  • Understand when to take questions, and how to set boundaries
  • Learn to listen effectively without becoming defensive
  • Answer concisely and with value
  • Wrap up the Q & A session appropriately
5. Maximizing Non-Verbal Presence
  • Understand how speech anxiety impacts presence
  • Identify symptoms and sources of anxiety
  • Leverage strategies for managing anxiety
  • Maximize the virtual environment
  • Utilize best practices for physical and vocal delivery