Our Approach

The bottom line? It’s all about you.

1. We’re your first — and toughest — audience.

When you’re not as fascinating as you think you are, better to hear it from us than your audience. We call it like we see it by focusing in on specific areas needing improvement. Your job is to be clear and compelling when presenting — our job is to make sure it happens. We will challenge your comfort level and encourage you to challenge ours.

2. We don’t start with a ‘method’. We start with you.

Our years of experience tell us that there is no one Method for creating great presentations; we understand that one size definitely does not fit all.  Speaker’s needs are different — based on learning style, experience, and cultural background. We’ve helped lots of people  develop and deliver great presentations by focusing on the ways that work best for them.

3. A little anxiety is a good thing.

A lot of anxiety isn’t. Presenting makes most people nervous. The problem is that when you look uncomfortable, your audience feels uncomfortable. We will help you deliver with confidence. We have decades of experience coaching people with mild to extreme stage fright.

4. You’ve got 37 seconds — Make it count.

Research tells us you have less than a minute to grab your audience’s attention and compel them to care. If you miss this opportunity, it’s game over … no next round of funding, no closed deal, no positive PR. When the stakes are high, we help you maximize the impact of your presentation

5.  Don’t tell them everything you know.

Too much knowledge can be a curse!  We know you’ll likely have more to say than your audience needs to hear, but often saying everything leads to saying nothing at all.  To make your points memorable, your audience must always be your primary focus.  That’s why we care a little less about what you want to say and more about what your audience needs to hear.  We help you target your presentation to directly address your audience’s needs in a relevant, engaging way.

6.  PowerPoint isn’t the presentation…You are!

Slides – used properly – can make a good presentation great, but no amount of PowerPoint pizzazz can make a bad speech good.  We’ll help you get the slides and their synchronization right, but we won’t stop there.  We know that relating to your audience with a solid structure and delivering confidently and authentically are what make for a memorable presentation.  That’s why we start with the fundamentals and make sure you’ve got them down cold.