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Terms of Use

Our website exists to tell you a bit about us, offer a few suggestions, and invite you to drop us a line. To do that, we have a couple of cookies and some behind-the-scenes analytics stuff. It’s nothing weird or creepy. We don’t care where else you go, or what you do when you’re not here. We just want to make sure we’re communicating effectively, and the small bits of tracking code help us do that.

By visiting our site, we hope you’ll let your browser store those cookies. If not? No worries. We’ll be fine.

We don’t have comments, so you don’t need to worry about staying civil. You’re not uploading anything, so you don’t have to swear that it’s yours to upload. The few pages we do are copyrighted (except for the testimonials, which belong to the nice people who gave them), so we’ll ask kindly you don’t copy it and share it as if it were yours.

And that’s about it.

Privacy Policy

We have a form over on our contact page. If you complete the form, we’ll know you’re name, email, and basic reason for sending us a message. (Thanks, by the way.)

We’re not sharing that information with or selling it to anyone. You’ll see some company logos of happy clients on our website. And a few of them emailed us nice things we’ve included for your reading pleasure.

The information we do collect is stored in one of those databases that we’re supposed to give us and no one else access. We suppose corporate spies or government agents could break into it. So, if that’s a big concern, just know that we didn’t write the password on a sticky note on our monitor.

One Last Thing

Thanks for reading!